Do you have  stains on the couch upholstery? It happens to everyone sometimes. You try blotting it up with club soda. You try washing it out, but the stain sets in. Call Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn, we are Brooklyn’s professional upholstery cleaning company.

We can  take care of these situations for you in Brooklyn.  Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn technicians know their way around the fabrics in your upholstery and rugs. Did you know even stain lifters can vary depending on the fabric? Some that work very well should not be applied to different upholstery because they will fade or bleed the fabric dyes. We take a lot of care protecting your upholstery.


When you need experienced cleaners in Brooklyn, call us. We’ll take good care of your fine upholstery and furniture. Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn guarantees all our work and we do it affordably. We work on all types of furniture so no matter what kind of upholstery you have, Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn cleans your upholstery better.

Our satisfied customers vouch for our professional cleaning service. We offer the most affordable prices in Brooklyn. Our service protects your furniture and we are safe for the environment. Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, technicians, and methods get the best results. When we are done cleaning, your furniture smells showroom fresh like it did the day you purchased it.

Your vacuum cleaner  doesn’t remove all the dust from your upholstery.  This means if you vacuum regularly, it still only gets the surface.  House-hold vacuums aren’t made to remove the everyday grime inside your couch. Professional carpet cleaners like Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn are who you need to remove the stains from your upholstery. Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn uses experienced cleaning technicians that clean and protect your furniture in the process.

Our people are standing by to help you when you call. Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn sends cleaning technicians to you. First, they will inspect all your furniture. This is to find out which method and cleaning solutions will work best with your upholstery. All professional products we use will not harm your upholstery. We’ll clean all the stains and shampoo the upholstery. Extraction machines finish the cleaning process by removing grime and moisture from your upholstery. We’ve been doing this for a years in Brooklyn. We deliver the best prices for carpet cleaning in Brooklyn. Call today.