Furniture Cleaning Brooklyn

Did you know hiring the wrong furniture cleaning company to clean your furniture could be worse than not cleaning it at all? At Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn we guarantee your satisfaction with our work. We deep clean upholstery without damaging the furniture.

Why hire Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn for furniture cleaning? Your furniture is what makes or breaks the appearance of a room. We’ll make your furniture showroom clean and fresh. Over-the-counter cleaning products build up in the fibers of upholstery over time. Even when you clean it regularly, this build-up collects grime in your upholstery. Our deep cleaning process will keep your furniture in great shape affordably.



We place drop cloths under everything we work on. We’ll remove the stains and pet odors from your furniture and never make a mess in your home. The care we take is part of the reason we know once you use Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn, you’ll be our customer for life.

Our team of experienced technicians know how to remove stains from expensive furniture. Our customers trust the experience and knowledge of our staff. They like the difference Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn makes.

After you call us, we inspect your furniture. We always choose the right method to use based the fabric of the upholstery. It won’t get damaged while we clean and condition it. We apply a heated cleaning solution that loosens and lifts set in stains. We hand shampoo the grime out of your upholstery. After this we rinse the upholstery. We use professional extraction equipment that lifts all the moisture out of the fabric.

Sometimes though, steam cleaning isn’t the best approach. Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn customizes each cleaning based on the upholstery. We want our services to be effective and affordable for you. Our customers use us regularly and recommendations are always the best advertising we have.

We apply a transparent barrier on your upholstery that keeps your furniture clean. It keeps grime and stains from setting in.

Leather furniture should be cleaned regularly. Chemicals found in cleaners cause damage over time to leather. Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn service protects and conditions your leather furniture. We use safe, pro cleaners, moisturizers and protectors. We keep your leather furniture looking like new.

Call Carpet Cleaner Brooklyn and make your furniture showroom quality again.