Keeping your couch in perfect condition for years means keeping it absolutely spotless. This means making a lifestyle choice. Do you want to be one of those people that wrap their couch in plastic or makes a museum piece out or their furniture?

Or like every other important possession we own, give your couch the maintenance it needs to be useful and beautiful because it improves our lifestyle? The answer is obvious. You want to use and take care of all your furniture. In Brooklyn, couches are what we relax on with the family. They take more abuse than any other piece of furniture we own. With just everyday use our couches also collect everyday grime and germs regardless of how careful we are.


Call Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn to deep clean your couches. Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn cleans your couch to showroom condition and protects your couch and expensive furniture for you.

Our professional cleaning is environmentally safe which protects your family. It won’t hurt your kids or pets. Professional cleaning equipment is made to remove stains without damaging the upholstery or leather on your couch. We will give you a quote before we begin. After you are happy with our pricing. Our technicians  inspect your couch to find out how much soiling there is and the kind of upholstery it’s covered with. The inspection results show the couch cleaning method  and cleaning solution we need to use.

The difference in how you treat leather and other kinds of upholstery is huge.  There are large differences between upholstery fabrics. When we are done, you’ll be glad you called Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn.  Our company always protects your couches and furniture as we clean it.

Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn is an industry leader in Brooklyn cleaning services. You won’t find a better cleaning company in Brooklyn than our people. Our experience and service remains unmatched by other companies. Your satisfaction is important to Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn. We guarantee all our work. Call us first for your couch and sofa cleaning in Brooklyn.